Best Terraria Server Host

The game Terraria is one of the most innovative games out there on the market that there’s no wonder why it’s so popular. There are many aspects to this game, including exploration, survival, crafting, getting resources, and fighting tough boss battles. As anyone can see, there is so much to do in the game, and it’s not just a 2D version of Minecraft.

There’s just so much content in the game, including four distinct classes that you can choose from. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of equipment, including various accessories. The endless amount of crafting recipes will give you a lot to work with, and there are even close to 200 types of blocks you can use. While fairly simple, the gameplay is still deep.

However, there’s only one thing that could make this game even better, and that’s multiplayer. This article will go over how to get into this game mode and also the best options for Terraria server hosting 2020.

Going With the Best Terraria Multiplayer

It’s no question that gaming is better with other people, whether that be friends or strangers. This particular game, however, better lends itself to playing with friends, as cooperative play is one of the biggest aspects of the game. You have to work together to build your space, as well as help each other explore the world together. In that way, this is actually how most people play the game and is almost expected by the developers. In other words, it’s designed for cooperative play.

But how do you go about playing with others in this game? There are some options available to you, including today with Terraria server hosting 2020. Even though you don’t have to technically play the game with a server, it’s highly recommended. Some people play the game through hosting on someone’s connection while others connect to the host. While this is a quick fix, there are some issues. One includes lag because the host is playing the game as well. Also, the game closes when the host quits.

The best option you can choose is Terraria server hosting 2020, and this is true of many other games. This is because the game is running on dedicated hardware, so there’s less lag. Also, the connection isn’t dependent upon one host that everyone connects to. It also makes the game fairer. Why do you ask? It’s because the host always has the advantage when it comes to connection speed and network input since everything goes to them first.

Best Terraria Server Hosting 2020

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, it’s time to pick a server that works best for you. While there are so many options to choose from, there’s only a handful that has the support you need and is there when you need it. When it comes to renting a server, make sure to not cheap out. Pick something that fits your needs so you don’t have problems down the line.

Citadel Servers

Are you just starting with your Terraria server hosting 2020? If you’re reading this, then that’s likely the case. In that way, Citadel Servers are one of the best options because it offers some of the cheapest ways to start playing. Their prices are some of the most competitive, but they also provide a good amount of value.


Being the cheapest, you can expect to reserve player count for $0.61 per player. This really is the cheapest you can go with, and anything cheaper is probably a scam.

Server Size

With the price being so low, you’re probably either considering saving a ton of money or having a huge player count. This company serves both markets with minimum player slots of 8 to a maximum of even 128 players. That’s a lot of people!


With the price being so low, there aren’t a lot of features available. This is expected. While your modifications are fully supported for the game, they can cost extra, bringing the price up. For the base game, this is perfectly fine.


If you want to get the most out of your money, it’s best to go with PingPerfect. While they’re not the cheapest, they’re not the most expensive either. They’ve been in the game for almost a decade, since 2013. They’re not inexperienced, even though they’re not the most experienced company out there. They cover many locations and have great support when you need it.


The cost is terrific, for $0.86 for every player count that you can reserve. That’s less than $30 for 32 players, which is a ton of people in one game that requires a lot of coordination.

Server Size

This company doesn’t offer the biggest player count when it comes to the number of people you can have playing with you. The minimum is 6 players while the maximum is 32 players. In that way, it’s one of the best places to start.


You can expect maximum support for your modifications as well as any plugins you need. However, too many plugins will really slow things down. Additionally, you can have backups of your server, which is a huge plus. SSD hosting will speed things up if you can afford it. There’s also a suite of security features as well as 24-hour weekly technical support.

GTX Gaming

As the name implies, GTX is one of the best when it comes to Terraria server hosting 2020. They’ve been in the game for over a decade now, since 2007, and are known for some of the highest-quality servers out there. Their experience in this industry really shows with their professionalism and quality of service.


Usually, you get what you pay for. The price per character slot on a server is $1.00 for each one. This makes it one of the most expensive options available. Even so, you get top-quality hardware as well as top-quality support.

Server Size

There’s a wide range of player slots, with the minimum being 10 and the maximum being 100. This allows you to work within your budget while getting a premium value.


With the price you’re paying, you can expect a lot of features. This includes complete customization that you can even access in-game, allowing you to do things on-the-fly. There’s also complete support for your mods, as well as support for plugins. You can ensure technical excellence through automatic backups as well as automatic updates.

Going About the Terraria Server Setup

Now that you’ve chosen what server you want to go with, you’re ready to set everything up and customize it to your preferences. As such, there are a bunch of options to choose from as the server admin. This includes how many players can be on your server, where the physical location is, what modifications are present, and much more.

Some of these depend on the hardware the company you use has. For instance, more powerful hardware will be able to handle a much larger player count than cheaper hardware. Hopefully, you have more than you need.

Once you’ve considered all the options available to you and figured out exactly what works for you and your friends, you can begin your long-awaited journey. There’s so much to do, especially considering that much of the instance is randomized.